Pottery Barn Style Tables

We also offer furniture that is similar in design to “Pottery Barn” items, and we make them by hand here in Goochland, Virginia for hundred of dollars less. The following are designs that are available. If you have ANY other design you would like, just provide a photo or link and we will quote you a great price. We give our prices compared with the Crate & Barrel prices.*

We also make coffee tables and end tables in this style.

We lowered our prices in January 2013. Take advantage of the new pricing!


Pottery Barn’s table is made from MDF (particle board) and oak veneer. So you get a solid oak table from us for hundreds $ less. (Our table does not include inserts)
76″ x 42″ Dining Table.
Pottery Barn price $1,499.
Our price (1.5″ boards) $1,099. Save $400.
Our price (3/4″ boards) $899. Save $600.
Matching Bench.
Our price (1.5″ boards) $425.
Our price (3/4″ boards) $325.


The “Solomon” table as made by Pruiett and Sons (click to enlarge)IMG_1060


4 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Style Tables

  1. I’m interested in the price for the set of 6 chairs and the Solomon table…just like in the picture? also would like a price for just those 6 chairs? Thanks!

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