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Pruiett and Sons

Pruiett and Sons

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We are a family business that hand-crafts farm-style dining tables, benches, coffee tables, and more.

I spent seventeen years as an aerospace engineer at Cape Canaveral, working in the design and testing of long-range nuclear missiles. In 1996 I went into full-time Christian work as a missionary, then pastor. Served eleven years as assistant VP of information technology for a international Christian missionary organization. I have always maintained my engineering interests and work in my Christian assignments. I am now an independent consultant in the tech industry, also serving the needs of Christian nonprofits.

My sons and I were taught the building and carpentry trades by a master-carpenter for over five years. One of my first lessons was that buildings (and most other things) do not require aerospace tolerances. Once I quit using a micrometer on everything, I began to build some nice things in a reasonable amount of time.

My sons and I started by designing and building a 1,000 sq. ft. wrap around deck on our home. Next we designed and built a large play set from scratch. (I visited a local church playground that had a “professionally” designed and built set, took measurements, and made diagrams, then customized to my own needs). Our next project was building a 1,280 sq. ft. (32′ x 40′) three-bay detached garage with a workshop in back. The blueprints came from 84-Lumber. I ordered all the materials, they were delivered to my home, and away we went. My first task was to use rudimentary mathematics (the Pythagorean Theorem) to lay out the foundation (saving $250 I would have paid to a survey team). The only work we contracted was tree and stump removal, digging the footer, and building the foundation wall (although I was the apprentice to the block-layer, I drilled for and set the vertical re-bar, and over-engineered the wall by filling every other column with mortar). We then built the structure from foundation up: framing, sheathing, setting trusses, roofing, installing windows and doors, and installing vinyl siding, fascia, and soffits, and then finished the interior with insulation, paneling, and extensive wiring and interior and exterior lighting. A couple of years later we bought a tall van that would not fit under the center door opening. We then removed the header, increased the height of the opening, and installed a new header. We ended up with a $60K+ garage and workshop with 10′ ceilings and spent around $20K to do it ourselves.

I inherited some good woodworking shop tools from my father-in-law, who was a great Christian man and a custom woodworker as well. These tools and his example gave me the impetus to begin custom furniture making. My sons Doug and Jeff have for years been making knives, bows and arrows, and medieval wooden swords and lances using primitive and basic metal and woodworking tools, and have produced amazing products with their own inspiration and skill. I was interested in a way that we could fDoug and Jeffurther our interests together as a “father and son” endeavor. The farm-style furniture making has been an answer to that desire. My daughters have also now pitched in, making a a true “family” business.

My wife always wanted a “farm table” to seat our family of eight. For a few years I said, “I’m going to build that for you.” Finally, in January 2012 we began making tables, completing two tables and benches. The products turned out so beautifully that we were inspired to make more for others. I am a perfectionist (with a slight touch of realism) and make sure our creations are “over-engineered” to ensure strength and longevity.

We hope you enjoy our products. Thank you and may God bless you.




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