Delivered a Hard Maple Table Top Yesterday

This one was a challenge as it was the first time we worked with “hard maple.”  it is a very heavy, non-porous wood that does not easily take stain.  Applied Minwax oil-based “Provincial” stain, which left the wood looking blotchy.  Had to strip back down to bare wood (not easy).  In the end we switched to a solvent-based stain (one that does not penetrate the wood), two coats of aerosol water-based polyurethane, glazing, followed by four coats of brush-on polyurethane.  The breadboard ends are attached with tongue and groove and slotted screws to allow expansion and contraction.

Delivered to a beautiful home overlooking the South Anna River.  Photos below are in the shop.

IMG_0057 IMG_0055


Delivered a Honey-Basque Table to a Customer in Montpelier, VA

We used poplar wood to create a “Honey-Basque” table fashioned after one made by Crate & Barrel (made in Asia) with mango wood.  Poplar has a similar grain and texture and is available to American woodworkers.  Compare our results with C&B’s table photo.  Our production is shown first.  Pretty darn close, and much better wood and workmanship!  Thanks to our Montpelier customer for buying locally.  God bless!