Delivered a “Big Sur Smoke” Table to Midlothian, VA Today

Delivered a “Big Sur Smoke” table to Midlothian, VA customer today.  They will soon be moving to Nashville, TN and taking their new table with them.  The customer was pleased with the table, 90.5″L x 42″ W made from 1 3/8″ white oak stained classic gray.  Finished with matte polycrylic.



Delivered “Big Sur” Table to Southside Richmond Today

IMG_5083We delivered this beautiful 90.5″ x 39″ “Big Sur” style table to a home in Southside Richmond.  The home is under renovation by folks newly arrived from Colorado.  This is a gorgeous addition to their home.  The owners were pleased with the table.



Delivered Large Dining Table to the “Fan” District

IMG_5060Delivered a large 9’3″ x 44″ ebony dining table to a home in the Fan district of Richmond today.  It went into a home built in 1910.  These homes have high (12′) ceilings and large openings into each room.

The table was made from 1 1/8″ red oak boards with 3.5″ x 3.5″ tapered legs, stained with ebony and sealed with matte polycrylic, giving it a natural look.  This table looks great in this historic home in the Fan.