Pruiett & Sons

Fine Farm Furniture
From Goochland Craftsmen

Pruiett & Sons
Doug, Doug, Jr. Jefferson, and Gabriel
2725 Parkhouse Ct.
Sandy Hook, VA 23153
(804) 556-2195


2 thoughts on “Pruiett & Sons

  1. Sold another farm table and matching benches to a couple from Kent’s Store, Virginia this Saturday. They chose to have the wood stained with “Early American.” At first I thought, “This is going to be too dark.” But after the stain was applied, it quickly became my new favorite. The furniture came out beautifully and the old pine had wonderful swirls, ripples, and knots in the texture.

    Table and Matching Benches

  2. Commissioned to design and build a cutom sewing table to house an antique (yet operational) machine for a seamstress. Table will go into a sunroom and facilitate small sewing projects. The machine is a 1939 Singer Featherweight.

    1939 Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

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